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Response to the Minister for Rural Affairs on Hunting with dogs

A response to the Minister for Rural Affairs on Hunting with dogs - issues of cruelty, utility and process by L.H.Thomas and W.R.Allen.


Paragraph 3 - The Minister in his letter and guidance notes dated 31 May 2002, states that he is looking for information and evidence on the subject of hunting with dogs. This we supply below, formatted according to the paragraphs defined in the guidance notes and also in more detail in the enclosed booklet, A Veterinary Opinion on Hunting with Hounds. The information and evidence we provide is essentially new since although it was submitted originally to the Burns Inquiry and was published on the Inquiry’s web site, it has been substantially updated since the Inquiry and much of it is evidence or professional opinion that has not previously been in the public domain. Although the Minister will be aware from my letter of 12 March this year that an earlier version has been on our web site since September 2001 at:




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